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Reviews from Class Clients of Arie's Dog Training:

(Golden Retriever/GSD puppy "Achilles," and GSD "Sarge")

We were delighted to meet Arie and introduce her to Parker. We’ve started already using her tips and guides in earliest training - but you can’t start too early (being very gentle of course) when your “little” guy is a Tibetan Mastiff! 

Arie is knowledgeable and personable and her approach is just right from all we’ve read, seen, done and heard in the past. Her guidance is right on target. We know we’re in great hands as we go forward with the training program including the classes.

Thanks so much!

~ Barry and Holly, with Parker

Great class Arie! Your approach and methods are perfect. Looking forward to more classes.

Everything was great and much less stressful than other schools I have been to with my dog.

Rex was completely out of control and afraid at the beginning but by the end of class he was playing and calm. GREAT CLASS - Thank you so very much!

We had so much fun at our training with Arie. She was able to offer so many solutions to all dogs here. One dog was very excited/aggressive and in two weeks he was playing with everyone.

Thank you for your willingness to answer questions and discuss issues during and after class. I love that you are so positive and knowledgeable.

Arie is awesome and patient. Indie loved class! I learned a lot and so did Indie. Thank you!!

Great communication and understanding of individual dog's needs and circumstances.

Arie's Dog Training was fantastic, and the methods were very effective. If you're looking for a positive learning environment this is the place for you and your dog!

Great class - looking forward to others and having Sawyer take the class!

Arie was so great! We loved the class and learned so much. Arie is great with the dogs, the owners and the kids in class. Super job. Thanks Arie! =)

Much better than the obedience class at Acoma. Smaller class size. More positive for dog. Good explanations of why, when, how, etc.

Thanks for everything. I recommend this class to anyone with a dog I know. Great price too!

Great class for a high-energy dog! Molly says Thank You!!

I learned so much that I know I wouldn't have had the confidence to work with Fudgy had I not taken this class - Thanks

Arie recommended vet visit to look at [my dog's] hips - profound hip dysplasia was diagnosed.

Great class... thanks!!!

I thought the class was great! We both learned a lot.

Arie is a really good instructor. Very professional and patient with both the dogs and more importantly the owner. We looked forward to coming to the class and enjoyed the class a lot. I would recommend Arie to anyone. Thanks!

I had a ton of fun in class, and learned even more.

Thank you. The training and the trainer are much better than at Petsmart... Arie is very knowledgeable.

Great environment!

Enjoyed small class size!

Good trainer, she always asked about previous week, always helping guide us regarding issues and concerns regarding our dog. Thank you for everything.

Loved your classes!

Learned a lot, great practical solutions. Loved it! Thank you!

[My dog] loved the class and enjoyed coming!

Arie is fabulous - Would love to see Arie with an agility class. Arie also did well with children in the class - Thanks.

Had lots of fun, very valuable overall. Thanks

[I] thought the play time was a great part of the class since they have so much energy. Also liked how time was spent answering questions and working on problem areas. Good use overall of the class period. Thank you! :-)

Great tips and always helpful.

Thank you Arie for all [the] help! You made Sam a better dog than he already was! We will see you in another class! Thank you!

Really enjoyed class. I have recommended others. Have signed up another dog.

I loved every moment at the classes! William and I learned how to work together as a team, which is hard in the hustle/bustle of everyday human life. Thanks, Arie!

Thanks a lot. Learned so much.

It's very helpful when the instructor gives each owner a minute to ask specific questions each class.

We are really happy with what Olive has learned! Thank you for helping us, she has enjoyed making friends and learning!

Thank you! Oliver learned a lot of commands. And she enjoyed coming to school.

I really enjoyed this class - I thought you [Arie] were a great trainer.

A well-structured class. Objectives were realistic and well-taught.

This was such a great class. We can hardly wait for the CGC class in the spring.

Thanks for the class, it was great. We will definitely be coming back :-)

I really liked the idea of allowing the dogs to play throughout the class. It truly helps their energy and attentativeness.

This class has helped Margaux and me so much; we really appreciate all your help and attention.

We learned so much valuable information with this class. I would definitely bring all of our future pets. Thank you for your time and patience.

Great class! Learned a lot!

The small class was great for Chester's problems. He seriously improved; most of the problem was just that I didn't practice good training methods. The young kid, cats, and extra dogs were great for him!

Great class! We enjoyed it and learned a lot! Very helpful.

Kiddo had so much fun!!

Relaxed and fun - but effective. My dogs LOVED going to dog school!

Arie is great! She has really been patient with my dog and we all have prospered.

Overall training was a great experience!

Loved it! Great class.

Very good class! We learned so much.

Great class! Want to start any classes that are on Sunday!!

Appreciate the extra socialization, demo dog "Sarge," indoor-outdoor training. Lots of fun, thanks!

Outstanding class.

Thank you for being so great with these guys!




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