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Training Options

Private Sessions:

In-home private sessions are ideal for behavior issues such as:

  • Separation anxiety
  • General anxieties
  • Aggressive/reactive behavior towards humans
  • Destructive behavior
  • Possessive behavior ("resource guarding")
  • Jealous behavior 
  • Fearful behavior
  • Reactive behavior
  • House-training or marking issues 

Each one-hour training session includes:

  • Consultation with you and your dog at your home
  • Observation of the problem behavior
  • Explanations about the exhibited problem behaviors
  • Written and verbal advice about fixing the behaviors
  • Demonstrations on how to work with the dog's behavior problems
  • Handouts (if applicable)

Sessions are scheduled weekend afternoons and Thursdays during the day, at varying times. Cancellations: Please give at least 72 hours notice for any private session cancellations, as sessions book up quickly. Thank you!

Pricing: $80.00 + tax

For reactive dogs (towards other dogs), see the semi-private reactive dog sessions.

* There is also an extra $20 mileage fee for sessions in Corrales, Placitas, Rio Rancho, East Mountains, and other areas not in the metro.

Note: We do not offer service dog training; please look into the Assistance Dogs of the West. Thanks!

For most behaviors, usually only one to two sessions are needed to give you the tools and knowledge to solve the problem with your dog, depending on the issue at hand. If more than one session is needed, the sessions are typically scheduled two to four weeks apart, with behavior homework for you and your dog to work on between sessions.
Email me to schedule your session!

Group Classes:       

The PuppyPlus™ Obedience Class:
The most fun and well-rounded basic class you'll take with your puppy!

Curriculum includes: Sit, down, stand, stay, come, heel, leave it, watch, wait, and more. Basic behavior problems such as mouthing, jumping, digging, barking, etc. will be addressed. Puppies will learn self-control, patience, and better focus and attention. There will be substantial focus on dog Ethology for you to better understand your dog and have a better relationship with him/her. This class also focuses on socialization between the puppies in class, confidence-building, learning to recognize canine stress signs, a segment on canine nutrition, and more. Families and children are welcome to assist the dog's main handler in class. Classes meet for one hour each week for seven weeks. Limit 10 puppies. Seven weeks for $140 + tax. A $50 deposit is due before the class starts to hold a spot for your puppy. Email us to come watch a class if you'd like!

*Note: Please no "sibling dogs" (actual littermates, or house-mate dogs) in the same class, due to the dogs having a hard time disengaging from each other, and focusing on the handler and the class.
*Also: NO aggressive or reactive puppies; puppies must be friendly with ALL new people and dogs. This class is for puppies under eight months of age; for adult dog classes, try Animal Humane's classes.

Classes are held on weeknights at 6pm, and weekend mornings, at ARIE'S DOGLAND. 

Other Classes/Sports Recommended:

Visiting Dog Work - Warm Hearts Network - (Animal Humane NM)


"Savs," my Miniature Schnauzer, and "Sarge," GSD

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